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Away We Go…without much to carry

(Originally written 12/24/12) It’s rather late and I don’t feel tired.  Excitement builds for my trip to Italy when I’ll depart tomorrow (or technically, today).  My grandfather is picking me up at noon for my flight that leaves at 4pm from LAX to arrive in Milan December 25th at 5pm. I have a very minimalist […]

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A Cooking For Kids Group Lesson Experience

People bond over a good meal, but more so when they prepare it together.  At a recent a recent private group lesson, which is a cooking lesson in the comfort of your own home, I had the pleasure of seeing a group of kids form new friendships as they made a home cooked meal for […]

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How to Make The Best Tomato-Basil Bruschetta

In my last post I shared a moment making Bruschetta with over 70 teenagers at Culver City High School and now I’ve included that recipe, as it’s one of my favorite appetizers to make. Bruschetta refers to garlic rubbed bread that is grilled and lightly drizzled with olive oil.  It does NOT refer to the […]

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Volunteer Work: Teaching High Schoolers To Cook

The Gist:  I volunteered at Culver City High School as a Guest Chef at their Culinary Arts Class.  It was my first time teaching teenagers to cook and it was a blast!   As I looked around the table of students eager to learn how to make tomato-basil bruschetta, the first thing that came to […]

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5 Things I Love About Asian Food   

In 2010, my company had a distinct focus on what our after-school enrichment class was about, and it was all in the title:  Cooking Italiano for Kids If I had a friend who asked me what we did, I’d break it down, word by word.  Pretty obvious right? My first enrichment class was at the […]

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