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The surprise

I was blindfolded and in the back of a cab. I had no idea where I was going and the suspense was killing me. For those who read yesterday’s email, it was my birthday and my girlfriend told me we were going to a fine-dining French restaurant called “Le McDonalds.” At 7:00pm we stepped into […]

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It’s my birthday

As I reach for my morning coffee (today is Organic Sumatra from a local roaster made in an Aeropress) it hits me as I realize it’s my birthday.  I’m 33, and life is going very well. Today I’ll be working in the morning and enjoying the rest of the afternoon off.  My girlfriend is taking me out […]

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It’s our birthday! (We’re 8 years old)

It’s a birthday! Not mine, but LIFT Enrichment’s. In February 2010, I first started my little company with a dream to create the best cooking classes for children.  Originally it was called “Cooking Italiano for Kids” because, as you may know, I’m a huge fan of all things Italian.  Now adays we also cover Asian, Mediterranean, American, South American, Mexican, […]

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