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Inchworm Bot: A crawling bot that teaches kids about Newton’s 3rd Law

Challenge Level: Beginner: 2 out of 5 Build Challenge:  2/5 Programming Challenge: 3/5 The Inchworm Bot teaches students about opposing forces with a robot that uses two “legs” to propel itself forward with just one motor. How does it work? A real-life worm moves by extending its body, anchoring itself into the ground and then pulling the […]

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We’re Teaching Kids How To Cook Asian Food This Winter, Here’s Why

This Winter Session LIFT Enrichment’s Cooking Class is taking a deep dive into Asian food, because it’s healthy, popular and DELICIOUS. Most kids are familiar with sushi, orange chicken, fried rice and other treats they’ve eaten at restaurants.  However, restaurants often add flavor-boosting elements that are not healthy, such as deep-frying orange chicken cutlets or […]

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