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Inchworm Bot: A crawling bot that teaches kids about Newton’s 3rd Law

Challenge Level: Beginner: 2 out of 5 Build Challenge:  2/5 Programming Challenge: 3/5 The Inchworm Bot teaches students about opposing forces with a robot that uses two “legs” to propel itself forward with just one motor. How does it work? A real-life worm moves by extending its body, anchoring itself into the ground and then pulling the […]

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How To Program A Lego Robot: The Tank

In the previous post we looked into the difference on whether you should purchase a Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 or the latest Lego Mindstorms EV3.  Both have advantages and disadvantages, and my recommendation is if you’re new to Lego Mindstorms, you should purchase an NXT 2.0 set on ebay.  The best first robot to build is […]

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A Day At LIFT Enrichment Summer Camp

Tommy, an 8-year-old student who had taken a Lego Robotics class at his elementary school, woke up with a spring in his step.   Camp was about to begin! His mom, Debra, drove him to Santa Monica and parked in front of the First Methodist Church, on 11th Street near California.  Up ahead a sign […]

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